I’m now doing a PhD at UTS Design, you can see my new comics, zines and other work:

Eav Brennan

Science Communications

Now, more than ever, science needs to be communicated passionately and accurately.

I create graphics, workshops and podcasts to engage people in environmental science and finding solutions to the greatest challenges we face.

Serially Curious | What food is good for your pooch – and planet? Climactic

Mark speaks to GG, who along with Anna, are fur parents of Lyka. Anna and GG started feeding GG home-prepared meals, and it turned around Lyka's health. They started a pet food – no, a pet wellness – company also called Lyka. And the rest is history! Lyka: Australia’s only carbon negative dog food. There is no time to waste for climate action. The change happens with us and we are committed to helping the planet, one bowl at a time. That’s right. No hidden agenda, no greenwashing – just the facts. Lyka is as committed to the planet as we are to your pup. Because your pup deserves great food, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of our environment. Support the show: https://www.climactic.fm/p/support-the-collective/
  1. Serially Curious | What food is good for your pooch – and planet?
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